I have 3 Forms. Need all entries in 1 section

At the moment I have 3 forms but to view the entries I have to select each form. Is there a way to have all my form entries viewable in 1 page instead of having to select form 1, form 2, form 3 and then viewing the entries for that specific form? Each form requires payment and every form price is different.

Thanks ahead of time guys I been browsing the internet but can’t find anything

Gravity flow has en extension called form connector which lets you update another entry with another entries data. Form connector

The Gravity Flow status page does let you view multiple forms’ entries on a single page. If you have setup steps in a workflow for multiple forms, the Inbox (via block, shortcode or dashboard page) will by default show you entries across forms that have steps assigned. Or the block/shortcode can be configured for form-specific views.

The Form Connector extension which Derek mentions is a great option where you want to get subset of data from one form into another. It sounds like your use case might benefit from its’ Form Submission step where you can get multiple forms to use one payment form for any of the payment add-ons that Gravity Forms supports. We also have separate step types dedicated to the Paypal and Stripe addons.

Please get in touch with us via support if you want a more detailed walkthrough to assist with your particular use case requirements.


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