Show all entries from all forms in one place, instead entries from one form

i would like to request a option to show all entries in one place, today there is option to show entries but only from one form, we have a few form/products and I would like to se all the entries in one place and filter by payment, dato, delyvering etc…

What do you think about that?


I guess you could use Gravity View for that:

I don’t think it’d be very logical to have an “all entries” page in the backend, since different forms tend to have completely different fields, different columns to display etc.

And if that’s not the case (same fields, same columns) I’d ask myself the question “why use different forms at all?” since a single form would seem the more logical solution (without knowing the context on why you’re using different forms ofcourse) :slight_smile:

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I have a similar need, but may have a solution. I would love your thoughts.

I am building an application system consisting of 15 or so forms that capture various data throughout the application and onboarding process. I would like to have one page where the HR department can see where the user is in the process and all relevant data, dates, etc.

I’m have GF, Gravity View and Gravity Flow with Forms Connector (parent/child) to capture and connect the data. However, I’m looking for the best way to accomplish this task.

On what I’m calling the Applicant Summary Page, I’m thinking a search for the Entry ID would work and would prefill all the form data for the HR Employee to see.

Do you believe that setting up a separate form (called Master Form) and Gravity View is best…or using that empty Master Form on my page to pre-populate the data after completing a search is best?

Thank you in advance for your comments!!