Merge all gravity forms entries into a single view

Hi, I have 100 forms in my site that has different entries and are in different pages. i wanted to combine all the entries of all the forms into a single view and display it. Each form has some common fields, so i wanted to display entries of all the common fields in all the forms which shouldbe seperated by a unique id which is already there in every form.

Hi @user605490d6988d7213 ,

I’m afraid that’s not yet possible to achieve with GravityView. We hope to introduce this functionality in a future version of our Multiple Forms extension.

Rafael, couldn’t he use Gravity Flows update entry step to simply map the data from the other forms to the form the view is generated from?

This would get all of the data into the one form.

He could also add a ton of custom meta for all of the fields and then just use the user merge tag to populate the data as well. This would probably take a lot of time but possible with the user registration add-on.

Hi @user5c0166073a6c48.6 , im probably not a senior web developer so i didn’t get the solution you offered. So can you please expalin me in detail steps of how can i achieve this task.

Can you tell me as to which solution you want me to share the details for?