How can I combine the entries from two forms

I have a landing page that has the same form at the top and bottom of the page. Since you can’t have the same form twice on a page (unless that’s changed) I have two versions of the same form. No problem. However…

The client would like all the entries to be combined for easier downloading, etc. Anyone know a way to accomplish this?

(NOTE: I’m checking with GravityView about their Multiple Forms extension but A) it may not be able to do what I want and, B) I just noticed I’ll need to upgrade to the highest license and I know the client won’t want to pay $250 so I can upgrade my license just for this extension. I’m also trying to avoid going the Zapier/separate mySQL db route which I’ve done before.)

So…any ideas are appreciated!

Mad Dog

Hi Mad Dog,

I might have the perfect solution for you, as I’m looking for a few beta users of a new (free) plugin that provides for what I believe you are asking.

I have a few live demos you can try too, which you will see how the “field sharing” can be used in different ways.

Please review the description, docs and demos, and LMK if you have any questions, and if you’d like to be one of the beta users.

Thanks !

Here is the link to the documentation home (link to the demos is there too):

Thanks. I took a look and it’s an interesting plugin but I don’t think it will do what I need. Since you know your plugin and it’s capabilities, here’s what I need:

  • I have two identical forms on the page. (Since GF doesn’t allow you to use the same form on a page twice)

  • The client doesn’t want to look at or download CSV files of the ENTRIES for two different forms. They want it combined. Easily.

  • Conceptually what I want is a “Combined Entries Page” of the two forms’ entries.

It turns out the GravityView plugin won’t do this. It only Joins, not Unite (yet). A shame since that would be perfect.

In the past I’ve done this by creating a mySQL db, using Zapier to add form info to the db, then create a front-end where they can view the mySQL db and download a CSV. I’m hoping for a simpler way to do this…


Hi again @Mad_Dog

Just to be clear on your requirement:

Does the user enter data and click submit on the TOP form, then do the same for the bottom form ? Your description is not specific on the user workflow steps.

If you view my “clothing shopper” demo, you will see two different forms (3a and 3b) on the first page. The final order summary has the combined entries of the two initial form’s input.

With the MFSFS plugin you can combine field entries from other forms and pages, into a “final form” of HTML blocks using the field entry values (via merge tags) as well as new fields matching ones from other forms (same type) which are configured with the same admin names - this latter trick will cause them to be pre-populated with the corrisponding entry values acquired by the original forms. Does this make sense ?


No, the user will fill out one or the other. It’s just the ENTRIES from the admin area the client would like combined into one.

Still sounds promising…
( you are welcomed to take this convo to DM if you prefer )

Then what is the final event you envision, which combines the multiple form’s entries ?

Also, what is the nature of the entries from the admin area ?
Are these posts from other forms, or entry values from certain fields ?