Combine two forms (to prevent duplicating)

Hi there,

I’m trying to think of a system where I can combine two separate back-end forms into one on the front-end.

For one (1), i’d like to create default name/address/email fields.

For the other (2, 3, 4 etc.), i’d like to create (multiple, unique) products.

Always using the same fields from form 1 prevents us from always having to multiply (or repeat) the default fields that each form has.

Is there any way to achieve this in GF? ACF has something pretty similar, where you can clone fields from another block/group into another field. This way you only have to create the form 1 once.


I don’t know that this would precisely answer the need you have, but I think it could help. Unfortunately, this is not a tool that is available, yet. It’s in the works—slowly—when I am able to carve out some time. Something to bookmark.

GravityHopper aims to be a personal and shared central repository for Gravity Form fields, sections, pages, and forms. Create fields once. Use everwhere.

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Hi Joshua,

That’s actually interesting, thanks.

Are you the developer? I would suggest looking at ACF and how they deal with ‘clone’ fields, which is what this actually seems to be.

In ACF, I can create a field or field group, and simply clone that into a new field. That allows me to only edit the original field once, and have it applied to all the ones it’s attached to.

Interesting to see where it goes.