Lynking Forms and Conditional Logic

Hi, i have 3 different forms…
…there is a way/plugin to lynk all 3 forms together? So if a user try to make second form system reports him that also other forms maybe done?

I wanna create a Step-by-step form by these 3 forms…
…i hope to explain correctly :slight_smile:

Tnx a lot to all for help

Hi Ferithon!

An excellent question. The Gravity Flow Checklists extension provides the functionality you are looking for. Our setup guide for it shows how you can define whether the related forms must be submit sequentially or in any order as well as the different ways that the checklist can be displayed onto the front-end of your website to inform the user of what form(s) they can/need to submit next.

In some use cases, where the first form contains fields which could be used to start the subsequent form entries, you may also find our form connector extension to be of value. For example - think of a university/college student application process where the initial form asks their contact info and whether they want to apply for residence, financial support, or multiple other forms that each have their own set of questions. You can use a Create an Entry step in the main form workflow to conditionally create the entries in other forms for them and assign a user input step to the user/email address so they don’t have to re-enter name/email/etc multiple times.

Hope that helps!

Tnx a lot for your help…

Your solution is PERFECT…only part that i have some difficult to “use” is Entry Step (i tryed but i’m not able to make “ok”) :frowning:

I will retry…

there are other example to “study” or “guide”?

Latest question: for Gravity Flow, Checklist, etc… there are some “template”, “theme” or plugin to personalize frontend graphic?


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