Using Conditional Logic with Nested Forms and Nested Form Data in Multiple Locations

Background: I’m building a student registration system and general paperless forms processing system for a public school. For one form, parents will need to complete forms which requires them to add any dependents of their household, some may be students, some may not be. In another form, ideally completed as part of the same workflow, but in a different form for flexibility purposes, we need to have the student information of all students with their parents attached as guardians.

  1. For the first form, I’ve set up a nested form asking the parent to provide all of their dependents, including any students, and there is a requirement that, depending on the selections they make in the form (specifically if they choose one option in a set of checkboxes), they should be required to skip the next page of the form. There are other conditional logic requirments along these lines. Another being that we need the parent to not be able to proceed with the form unless one of the nested forms has a specific value. I considered trying to populate a hidden field with a merge tag, and using the conditional logic based on that, but I’m not understanding how this works.

  2. Ideally, we have a user registration form for students that asks for parent information as part of that form process, parents can be automatically populated in a nested form (based on the student’s ID number), and, when needed, the parent can fill out the form with students automatically populated based on that same student ID. I’m not sure how to “sync” the data between two sets of parent and children forms, especially when those two forms should be interchangeable depending on the specific form/workflow in question.

Tools available: Gravity Forms Elite, Gravity Flow (whatever the top tier is), and all Gravity Perks.

Hopefully, this makes sense, and any help would be greatly appreciated.