Fields are displayed regardless of the conditional logic (Conditional logic is setup correctly) HELP! [RESOLVED]

I have 4 dropdown fields, three of which have conditional logic configured. Despite the logic being correct, one of the fields always displays regardless of the conditions. However, when notification emails are sent, the field is included or excluded correctly.

I have attempted all the methods outlined in the Plugin Theme Conflict article, disabled all plugins, and reverted to a default theme, yet the issue persists. Additionally, there are no JavaScript errors present.

I replicated the same form on a Gravity Forms demo WordPress page, and the behavior remains consistent. You can view the form here: Demo Form

I have attached a screenshot below. The “Student Visa Program” field is set up conditionally to display only when the visa type “Student Visa” is selected, but it appears at all times. Any assistance with resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

This looks like a nested conditional logic scenario. Have you reviewed the following page of the documentation:

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Thanks a lot. I did not know about that.

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