Populate Nested Forms / Populate Anything using values from previous question

Hi All,

Hope you are well. I’m new to GravityForms and have been trying to sort out a form with autopopulation between questions or pages.

I have a requirement where we need users to tell us 3 things: Country > Location > Department > Job. To simplify the process and ensure that we have full data validation my thought was as follows:

  • Have a main form which collates all the data
  • Create a nested form which has the first two requirements (Country > Location)
  • Then pull the location information into another (possibly nested form or question) and allow them to attach a department to a location (so that there are no mis-matches)
  • Then pull the department data into another (possibly nested form or question) and then match jobs to them.

I can handle repeating of data (I think) using other perks. We have the elite package of GF and full GP so have a lot to work with here.

As the form is never submitted (just moved on between pages) I cannot see a way of storing this. I have seen things about storing session cookies, but can’t get my head around what to do with this information. While i’m not looking for a full solution from one person, the easier it is to understand the better (I won’t take offense if you write [PUT FIELD ID HERE] for example).

Thanks for your help and keep up the good work.

Kind regards

Hi Christophe,

If I understand correctly, you want to pass the location value from the field on the parent form to two different Nested Forms? If so, the parent merge tag is what you need for this. The parent merge tag is written in this format; {parent:10}, where 10 will be the ID of the location field on the parent form. You will use the parent merge tag of the location field to set the default value of the fields in the child forms you want to populate with the location value. If you’re still experiencing difficulties setting this up, you can contact us via our support form, so we can take a closer look at your setup and assist you.


Hi Samuel,

Thanks for this. Nearly but not quite.

Nested Form 1

Contains two fields - One is a Dropdown called Country and the second is a text field called location. This bit is fine

Nested Form 2

This is where it gets tricky. I’d like to have a dropdown menu called Location (where it pulls the locations previously entered in the first form and gives them as options for a drop down) and then next to that a text field called Department where they “match” the Department to the location.

Then have a 3rd part where they do the same but Department to Job.

Does that make sense?


Hi Christopher,

Yes, it makes sense. Here’s a video demo of a solution that should work for you;

Here’s the link to the populate parent entry id snippet.

I hope this helps.


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Hi Samuel,

This seems like exactly what I needed, thank you!

I will test this out today and let you know

Kind regards



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