Merge values from Multiple Forms into one Field List

I can generate multiple separate checkbox or radio button lists dynamically from several child forms into a parent form using Gravity Perks Populate Anything (and say a keyword search field), but I wondering if there is any way to be able to populate a single selection list dynamically by merging the values from the values found in similar fields found in multiple forms?

Say for example I have a form with Participants in Program A, and another with Participants in Program B, but want to generate a list with Participants from Both Programs A and B that share the Last Name Smith?

Any existing ways without going to a PHP programming level?

Have you already checked with Gravity Wiz support for their perk? They do stop in here occasionally but if you have a license, the quickest way to a solution is to contact their support.

Hey @wayne, currently, Populate Anything’s entry population is limited to a single form. We’re excited to explore multi-form entry population in the future!

For now, one trick you might consider is using Populate Anything to query the gf_entry_meta table directly to fetch data from both forms. The big catch here is that this method won’t allow you to populate data from multiple database rows (like first name and last name) in the same populated choice. Based on your use case that might be a deal breaker.

We’d love to explore this with you more via support. Drop us a line!


And just like that @david appears!

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I bug the guys over at GP so much I thought I’d try a different angle to give them a break! lol

Never hesitate to reach out to them. They love it, and they’re great.

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Haha, we’re here for you, Wayne! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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