Pre-fill a Gravity forms, with a list that returns several data


The title is a bit misleading, but I can’t quite put it into words.

Here is what I am looking to do.

Each user, has data, which he can repeat, for example:

  • Child 1:
    First name: namechild1
    Last name: lastnamechild1
  • Child 2:
    First name: namechild2
    Last name : lastnamechild2

This is done with Metabox (But I know I can do the same thing with ACF, I confess I don’t know which one to choose)

Now in my form,
At the very beginning, I put a list, and I would like that in this list, the user is the choice, in the example, of :

  • Nothing
  • Child 1
  • Child 2
  • Create a new Child (which creates a new child at the end of the form)

And that according to this choice, the rest of the form is automatically pre-filled.

And its possible to get them value from another table ( Metabox custom table) ?

I admit I looked, but maybe not using the right keywords.

I thank you for any help in advance


Hi DaFray31,

You should be able to do this with our GP Populate Anything Perk. GP Populate Anything allows you to dynamically populate Gravity Forms fields with data from different sources. Please check out the documentation and let us know if you have any questions.

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