Pre populate field from a drop down selection [RESOLVED]

Am trying to develop a system where logged in users will be filling some forms. In one of the forms have a full name and gender fields which I want to be pre populated with user full names and gender values when “self” is selected on a drop down menu. @chrishajer @david

Thank you in advance.

Hi Sabra,

This should be possible with GP Populate Anything. You would use Live Merge tags which is a feature of GP Populate Anything to set the value of the “self” choice to the ID of the currently logged-in user like this. You will then use GP Populate Anything filters to populate the Name and Gender fields with the data of the currently logged-in User when “self” is selected.

Feel free to get in touch with Gravity Wiz Support if you have any questions.

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Thanks @samuel let me give it a try.

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Thanks so much @samuel . It works!.