Using an API to help users fill out a form

I’m working on a fairly complex medical form and we’re trying to guide users into using the right terminology on our forms. We found a few APIs that can help us and would save a ton of time, is there any way to use them within Gravity Forms fields as a sort of autosuggest? If there a plugin for this or a hook somewhere that I’m missing? I’ve searched but haven’t found anything. All I’ve been able to find is the Address Autosuggest.

Thanks for any help.

Hi Sean. Have you checked out Populate Anything from Gravity Wiz? I believe it can populate fields in a form from an API source.

I recommend checking with Gravity Wiz to see if this plugin can help. If not, there are filters in Gravity Forms that will help with the population portion, but not with the autosuggest.

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Thanks Chris, I’ll take a look!

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