Dynamically populate parents in one dropdown field and it's children in checkbox field and save to database

I have a custom post type for Businesses and a hierarchical taxonomy for Business_Categories (categories and subcategories). I’m using Gravity Forms, GP Populate Anything, Elementor Pro, and Dynamic.ooo.

I want to have in the frontend a form to add businesses to the database. For this I created a Gravity Forms form to capture the business info. I want to populate a DROPDOWN field in the form with all the parent terms of the hierarchical taxonomy and then a second CHECKBOX field in the same form with the children of the selected category. Then, when the rest of the the fields of the form are filled, that information goes into the database, including the relationships created through the Select fields.

My question is how do I setup Gravity Perks Populate Anything dropdown and checkbox fields in the form? Cannot contemplate programming.

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