Checkbox options from Custom Post Type and Categories - Developer needed [RESOLVED]

Hi! I’m building a form where users can select from a list of events which Custom post types.

I need a Gravity form checkbox field created which auto-populates with all upcoming events and their date (pulled from the Events CPT)

There is already a form on the live site which shows how it needs to be laid out: (select any Category and it will show the Events checkboxes.

Here is the form I’m building in Gravity Forms:

Any other questions let me know.

Many thanks,

I don’t think we have a good one on out site. There are a couple good ones on the Internet. Here’s one:

There is also this solution if you want to do it without code:

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Gravity Forms populate anything also supports (with a little help from a snippet) filtering based on the current date which can be very useful when populating events.

And let’s be honest, you’ll definitely want to do this without code. :smile:


Howdy Sean !

Nice site you have there, I’m just a Dev, and work mainly on the “back-end” stuff.

I did some work in this area you ask help for (pre-populating GF fields) - in fact, I made a simple demo of showing persistence of choice selections, which is seen in the plugin codes I have donated to GitHub already.

It would not be much more effort to add to this code to provide the additional requirements you have.

Here is my “Dinner Planner” demo, please check it out:
(it’s a functional demo for the plugin, not very pretty tho lol)

Hi Chris, thanks for the suggestion. I have purchased Gravity Wiz and Populate Anything is a great start! I will need a bit more work to get the event dates showing up as well but with that plugin and some custom coding hopefully I will get it done!

Hi James, Thanks for the compliment on the site! If you take a look now, I have installed the Gravity Wiz plugin and it is pulling in the custom post type titles for the Venues which is a great start. What I need now is for it to display all the event dates based on the custom post types associated with them. Would you be able to have a look and let me know if you would work on that for me?

Hi again Sean - really nice job there !

I will DM you regarding discussions for possible dev help.

If anyone else has solution ideas or suggestions for Sean, please feel free to add them here for him :slight_smile:

Hi Guys, so to update on this I have got it all working with some additional coding added to the Gravity Wiz Populate Anything plugin! The client loves the final result.

So for section 2 of the form, it is now showing the venue title and the event date within the same checkbox:

These are all pulled in from CPT

Many thanks for the help and plugin suggestion!