MEC Modern Event Calendar Integration with GF to select an event to volunteer

Our client is a nonprofit service group and they have events for which they need volunteers. We’d like their visitors (members) to view an event in MEC Calendar, click a link, and go to the volunteer form where the event is pre-populated. I figured that wouldn’t be hard, but I could use some help with it because the field “event name” isn’t listed in the choices.
If I could get everything I wanted, ALL upcoming events (well, within a date range) would be listed on the volunteer form (as checkboxes) so a volunteer can choose more than one. I didn’t see MEC Calendar when I searched here; does anyone have experience with it? Thanks!

Are you creating the link? If so, the simplest way to do this is probably going to be to use the query string of that link to populate the form via dynamic population:

If you have more complex population requirements, Gravity Forms Population Anything can do some real population magic.

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