Dynamic population in the title of field


I’ve been working on a really complex project using Gravity Form and I need to admit that it is one of the best tools I ever used on Wordpress.

I’ve created a form to let users buy personalized food for their dogs based on kcal calculations, activities, allergies and so on with woocommerce integration and it works very well.

However I faced quite simple problem and even though I did some infodigging, I struggle to finish it the way I want it.

So the first question in my form is “Whats your dog name” and all I want is to have this information populated in the title of every next question in the form.

I tried to do it by the shortcode but it explodes my form completely. So I guess I do it wrong. I’d love to get an answer for dumbass but if you link me any source with explanation I’d be happy too.

One of the best out-of-the-box solutions for this is the Live Merge Tags feature w/in Populate Anything perk by Gravity Wiz.

Also, welcome to the community! Good to hear you’re building great things.