Unlock form conditional on submitting previous form

Hello all,

I’m building an online trial site and wondered if it was possible to lock a form, with unlocking conditional on another form being submitted?

I want to have 3 forms in total for the trial. Form A to be completed before form B is unlocked, Form B to be completed before Form C is unlocked.

The reasoning behind this is that Form A gives the user a trial sound, then Form B is used to collect some demographic data, finally Form C is used to collect daily listening data.

This isn’t a built-in feature but should be possible using the third-party Gravity Flow add-on and it’s Checklists extension: https://docs.gravityflow.io/article/140-checklists

Thanks for the quick reply.

Gravity Flow looks like it will do what I need, I think with a combination of things rather than just the checklists. Form C needs 42 available submissions, daily for 6 weeks, so the workaround (at a glance) looks to be 42 forms with time delay on each, releasing one and notifying it is ready to complete each day on email (which also ties into the study brief).