Form that queries data from another form

I create forms in Gravity Forms to save numbers. In another form I would like a conditional that checks if the number is registered, if yes it opens the rest of the form.

How about this solution?

Thanks for the tip, I managed to do. But I put it here and I have to double-click the send button to do confirmation action.

Can you tell me how to fix this? The error message also does not appear.

Hello Breno. I’m not sure what that screenshot is of, but if you need assistance with the Gravity Wiz plugin, you’ll need to contact them or take a look through the comments on that article to see if there is anything relevant. Thank you.

Captura de Tela 2020-04-24 às 01.57.16
I duplicated it by changing the ids. I wonder if I can put two different ids on the same line?

You would need to contact Gravity Wiz for assistance with their snippet. Or keep trying new things. You’re customizing Gravity Forms to do things that are not included as features out of the box. Thank you.