Security/Identity Verification Questions

Is it possible to create a one question form that confirms the Wordpress user’s identity by having them enter their email or name and checking to see if it’s correct? I’m building an elearning course and I am required to have identity confirmation questions at the beginning of lessons.

What are you checking their email address against, to ensure that it is valid? If you are requiring verification, how about having the user register on their site, and making the forms restricted to logged in users only?

Thanks for the response - the users already have to be logged in, but unfortunately that is not sufficient for the regulatory agency that approves our courses. I would like to be able to check against their registration fields, such as email, name, etc.

OK, assuming a logged in user, what are you verifying, and against what reference?

I am verifying identity by asking them to enter their email address, name, or some other custom field. At the beginning of a lesson, I need a form to pop up that asks them to enter one of those fields. They would come from their user registration data that they enter when signing up for the course. If they enter it correctly, they would continue to the lesson. If they enter it incorrectly, they would have a second chance, then they would be logged out.

How about something like this?

In general though, I’ve not seen this asked before. If the user is registered on your site and logged in with the username and password, they have already provided something secret to log in and identify themselves. If you wanted to, you could even add a two factor authentication plugin to WordPress, which adds an additional step to logging in, which further identifies the individual.

This sounds like it might work. I’m going to test it out this week. Thanks so much for the help!

I understand the user has verified their ID by logging in, but governmental regulatory agencies have funny requirements for online learning. We’re forced to work around some weird requirements and we don’t have much choice.

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