Adding a database lookup query to a gravity form [RESOLVED]

I am planning to create a gravity form that can cross check a user entry with an existing database of entries, to confirm whether it is unique. This will essentially be like a domain name check but I will be using my own database of entries.

Ideally these would be entries from all previous form submissions.

If the entry already exists in the database I want the user to be prompted to enter a new name and then, once that name has been confirmed as unique, the user can submit the form.

Does anyone know of a plugin for gravity forms (or some other way) that would make this possible?

Hi David. The simplest way is to use Gravity Will Populate Anything:

I recommend contacting them for assistance. They should be able to point you to a tutorial using their plugin that shows how this is possible. Thank you.

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Thanks, I had come across that plugin but wasn’t sure if it would do exactly what I need. I have now contacted them as well and yes, it sounds like the perfect solution so thanks for pointing this out to me :slight_smile:

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