Load data from MySQL Database in a form

Hi There,

I have some difficulties to accomplish my next goal. What I want is (I think) simple.
So what I want?

I want to fill my form fields dynamically with the data I already have in my database.
I’ve just have 1 field, it’s the user ID. So when I’m filling my user ID field manually, al the other fields must be filled in dynamically with the info in my database according to this ID already found in the database of the form, so it is already an entry. So the name, first name, mail,… just regular textfields. NO dropdown or other fields.
How can I accomplish this?

Many thanks.


Hi Vincent. I recommend the Populate Anything plugin from GravityWiz:

GravityWiz is one of our certified developer partners:

Gravity Perks is expensive. Is there a way to do it simply with a mysql query?

Hi Natalie. Yes, you can do it without Gravity Perks. You can use the gform_pre_render filter or gform_field_value filter. These filters require that you are familiar with PHP and WordPress MySQL queries, but it’s definitely possible:


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You’re awesome. Thanks.

You’re welcome.