CSV Table Lookup?

What is the simplest way to do a basic lookup to populate fields either further down in the form, or to hidden fields on form submit?

I’m asking users to select their account name.

Ideally, I don’t want them to have to type in any additional information that we may already have. Such as Address, Phone Number, Account Number, Etc. I’d like them to, once selecting their account name, be have the other data populate the remainder of the form.

Currently, I have everything stored in a CSV file. I’m hoping for some simple/elegant way to simply have a call out to the CSV file and pull in the data based on the selected value.

If you can store the CSV file’s content in a custom database table, you can use our GP Populate Anything Perk to do what you want. Our GP Populate Anything Perk allows you to populate form fields with data from different sources. Using the Field Value Object feature, you can populate the other fields based on the selected account name.

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