Can't seem to find the correct English term, but is it

…possible to import ie a CSV file with information such as a specific number, machine/product brand, model, serial number and perhaps other fields…??

I want to make a support/service system, where the form will generate a report, which will be send to the client as well as to the system.
I have already made such a form, however, I would like to automate things a little and get the information I already know and then insert these in a form.

I don’t know the exact English term, but I already have a system, where we have a database with info of machines/products listed with brand name, model, serial number etc.
Each machine/product has a product number, which is unique for the individual machine/product.

Is it possible to enter this number into a form and then retrieve the other information into the fields?

The idea is that the technician then will have all the informations needed about a particular machine/product and can make a service report.
But is it possible using Gravity Form for this?

Appreciate any help here!

All the best
Kim Frederik

Hi Kim,

This sounds like a perfect fit for GP Populate Anything and GP Google Sheets. When combined, you can populate fields on the form from your sheet.

We have an article that uses a similar method to look up previous Gravity Forms entries. You would set up your form in a similar fashion, filtering on the entered product number.

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