Query external data to auto-populate answers based on user input

Hi all!

I am looking to auto-fill part of a submission form based on user input. I would need to reference an external data source to link the user input to the resulting auto-filled items.

For example (simplified):
Let’s say I have an external data source which includes product SKUs with associated details: P001 = Red Shirt, P002 = Yellow Shirt, P003 Green Shirt.

On my gravity form, I would have Question 1: What is the SKU?
With the user’s input, “P002”, I want to query the external data source, and auto-fill the next question.
Question 2: What is the Product: Yellow Shirt (auto-filled).

Is it possible to reference/search an external data source, and query string (auto-fill) question answers based on user input? Or is there another way to get the same results from the example above?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi Jeffrey,

This should be possible with our GP Populate Anything Perk. Populating Anything makes it possible to populate form fields with values from different data sources.

You would use Populate Anything to populate the value of the other fields on the form using the value entered in question 1 text field as a filter. Here’s tutorial documentation with a similar use case as yours.

Although by default Populate Anything works with data in the WordPress database, we have a snippet you can use to connect it to an external database. However, if the external database you’re referring to is Google Sheet, you can use our Populate Anything Google Sheet plugin to connect Populate Anything to Google Sheets.

You can get in touch with us via our support form if you have any questions so we can assist you further.


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