Importing data which can be used in form calculation

Hi guys.

Beginners question : how can I import data to gravity forms, which can then be later used in calculations?

I want to create a form, where customers can order/reserve 6 types of fuel. That form should be a 2 step form, where in the first the customer chooses the preffered fuel and the quantity…and the 2nd part (confirmation) would show the calculated price.
The price is updated on a regular/daily basis. For you - the pros - this might be a trivial question, but I don’t know :

  1. how to import the 6 fuel prices (just numbers in CSV, or Excel) so they can be used in a form (for the calculation - hidden field)?

Can you advice how to do this please? Looking forward to your reply.

Kind regards, Zed

Hi Zed. I recommend taking a look at Populate Anything from Gravity Wiz:

It can’t populate from an Excel spreadsheet, so the data would need to be entered into a database table in order for that solution to work.

They do have a method to populate from a Google Sheet though:

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