Need help with information on how to have a client list that is currently csv file loaded into wordpress and access information through a phone number lookup that will then populate clients information from the searched phone number

New to this so I am not sure what goes here. Will put more information. Essentially I have a form where clients can enter their information to request an appointment. I am wanting a form where we can schedule the appointments for the clients by just using their already stored information from a csv (excel file). The file has name, address, email and phone number. I want to be able to enter the phone number or search client information to then populate all the stored information into the form where we can then complete the rest of the form and submit it.
We are currently using zaps (I think that’s what it is called) to take information from our request an appointment form (where the client enters all their required info and then hits the submit button) then the ZAP copies all the info into our google calendar for the appointment.

Hopefully I have given enough info and correctly explained it. I am also wondering if there is a way to enter client information into the form that will store it on the csv file or wherever the client information gets stored.

Hi Chris,

Since you’re already using Google (the Calendar), why don’t you use Google Sheets instead of the CSV file, then grab Gravity Wiz’s Populate Anything Perk and their free Populate Gravity Forms with Google Sheets plugin (you need Populate Anything though for it to work).

With Populate Anything you’ll also be able to do the lookup/populate thing.

As for writing back to Google Sheets, Gravity Wiz will soon have a solution for that.



Hi Chris,

Phil has actually summarized how you can use our GP Populate Anything Perk to do what you want. You can also get in touch via our support form if you want us to guide you on how to set this up.


Thank you for the helpful information.

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