From Google Sheets to GF

You tried to dynamically fill a product field with the information found in a cell of a google spreadsheet, for example C3 (column C row 3)

Will someone please know or could explain to me how I can achieve this task, thanks in advance.

The information travels from google spreadsheets to the form made with Gravity Forms ONLY in that sense, NOT the other way around.

Hello. This would require some customization and some code, but Google Sheets has an API:

And if you can retrieve the data via the API, you can use the gform_field_value filter to populate a field in the form:

I found a relatively recent tutorial which covers this in depth (and with a more complicated task than what you are asking):

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wowww great , thank you very much, i will check everything

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Thanks Luis. I closed the Contact Us ticket you submitted as well, because my answer there was going to be the same as here :slight_smile: