Hide form conditionally [RESOLVED]

Hi, for research I want the ‘end-measurement form’ to show up conditionally when the ‘begin-measurement form’ is done. How can I solve this?

Do they need to be filled out consecutively (if so, you can direct them in the Confirmation from the 'begin-measurement form to the ‘end-measurement form’) or might they come back at some later point and you need to make sure that the begin form was already filled out before they can use the end form?

They must fill the end-form at a later moment. That is, after begin-form is done.
So I want to hide the end-form to prevent mistakes. And I want to embed both form at the same page. I that way I have one page for fill in both forms. So on that page: first is ‘begin-form’ showing. After filling in the begin-form (it will hide with a perk), so in essential that page becomes blanc. That’s a nice moment to show up the end-form on that page (from behind a ‘conditional hide’).

Thank you Peter.

Because your visitor is going to have to submit multiple forms, and the forms they see depend on whether or not they have submitted the “begin” form. I think you will need to use the User Registration add-on, to register the user on your site.

Once you have done that, you are going to need to see if a specific value was submitted in an earlier form, before they can see the ‘end’ form. All this will rely on the visitor being logged in. You may want to restrict the form to logged in user’s only.

Once they have submitted the first form, you could use this method to verify that they have submitted the first form: https://gravitywiz.com/require-existing-value-submission-gravity-forms/

There are other possible ways of doing this as well so these are mostly just ideas rather than anything else.

There is a filter you can use to prevent a form from showing if your code determines it should not be shown:

There is also a method to use conditional logic based on the logged in user:

You may also find using something like Gravity Flow useful (to give the user a checklist of forms to complete in order, with yours being the ‘begin’ and 'end form):

Since your visitor will be coming back to the page after some time, to fill out the “end-form”, you will need to somehow

HI Chris, I had to find time. Thanks for informing me. At the end the solution was very easy. I just past the endform short code under the beginform shortcode. Simple: they don’t see the second form until after completing the first one! (which I hide with a gravity wiz perk).

Thanks again and greetings,

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