Conditionally determine which form to show [RESOLVED]

Hi Everyone,

I have two forms and a custom merge code and I’m trying to use it to determine which form to show, however it doesn’t seem to work:

[gravityforms action="conditional" merge_tag="{predict_form_id}" condition="is" value="1"] 
    [gravityform id="1" title="false" description="false"] 
[gravityforms action="conditional" merge_tag="{predict_form_id}" condition="is" value="2"] 
    [gravityform id="2" title="false" description="false"] 

is this sort of logic possible? Or do I have to have two separate pages?


Hi Mark. It’s not possible to do like that. This is interesting. Can you explain how it needs to work? I think you’re going to have to handle the logic outside of Gravity Forms to determine which form needs to be shown.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the information. Basically I have two different forms for two different categories of users. I would like the users to be able to visit the same page but receive the appropriate form.

So we have users A and B, and when they visit the “Calculator” page, I would like to show them Form 1 or Form 2.

I was able to get this to work by creating a custom Wordpress shortcode that contained the gravity forms shortcode.


That’s a good way of doing it, well before Gravity Forms. Thanks for the update.