Checking attendance

Hi Support,

I’m planning to create an Attendance with an Assessment checklist.

So it looks like this,


Any idea how to do this?

How to get some data in LearnDash and put in the checkbox?


  • Using the GFAPI to search (count) and get entries would be a good part of your solution.
  • Creating a custom merge tag that you put in the users ID as a parameter to and it generates the checkbox/assessments.

For the users to know which assessments they need/have yet to complete, there are two parts of Gravity Flow which may be of interest to you.

  • The inbox page (via Block) provides a way to list all entries that are assigned to an email, user or role to complete. So the person could login to and see which ones they have remaining.
  • The checklists extension lets you define a series of forms that need to be completed (sequential / any order) and gives the UI elements via a block to let the user see where they are at towards total completion.


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