Assessment and Feedback solution


I’m currently investigating whether Gravity Froms could be used as a solution for an assessment tool we’d like to implement.

We would like users to be able to register to our site to access a membership assessment, they should be able to respond to this assessment (save & continue) and once submitted, we would like an admin to be able to review their assessment and provide feedback to this. The user should then be able to make changes to their assessment responses and resubmit.

Is this something feasible in Gravity Forms either in native functionality, add-ons or custom plugins?

Thoughts appreciated.

You should look into Gravity View.

Hi Andrew. Dere is right. Gravity Forms and GravityView can help you with a lot of that. You would need the User Registration Add-On and an Elite license for Gravity Forms, for the registrations.

Gravity Forms can collect all the data you need. Gravity Forms has Save and Continue functionality built in.

GravityView is great at displaying the data back, and you can allow logged in users to edit their entries. User Edit: Allowing users to edit their own entries - GravityView Support, Knowledge Base, How-To & Docs

Sorry about that Chris, I could’ve thoroughly explained my response to be more helpful.

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I appreciate you posting the solution, in any event :slight_smile:

Gravity View is an excellent tool for the toolkit in a use case like this.

If you need the entry to follow a specific set of steps/actions in order along its’ process from submission to completion, you may also want to look at GravityFlow. The approval step type has one-click (from email) options and the user input step let you customize which field(s) an assignee can see or edit. It’s shortcode to present an inbox of entries an assignee makes it easy to give them one page link to see all.

Flow and View also have some good integration to compliment each other.