Frontend: Is it possible to have a user form submissions area (similar to woocommerce orders section) [RESOLVED]

Ok, wasn’t sure if this is possible or not but I thought I would ask. I read about frontend displays of gravity form. There are many 3rd party plugins that can do this for you. I was wondering if it’s possible to display users their form submissions but keep it per user only.
I.e. the user can only see THEIR form submissions but don’t have permission to view other submissions.
Similar to how woocommerce (or any other store platform) has an account section with users’ orders only. They don’t see all users’ orders, just their own.
I was wondering if this is possible with forms.
To take things even further, is it possible to display “newest form submission” showing 1 only but there is a button to expand previous submissions?
If the above is not possible, would adding the square checkout add on create an area that shows their purchases through gravity form?
I have 2-3 forms that have very important info and I want an area they can view this info in case they misplace their email confirmation.
Thanks for any help or suggestions out there!

GravityView and their Advanced Filtering add-on will allow you to only display entries for the current logged-in user. Don’t think they have the ability to show 1 form entry with a “show more” button though, but the DataTables add-on gives you more control over sorting and filtering entries that are displayed.

Perhaps @gravityview can chime in and clarify.

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Hi Amanda,

As Jake mentioned, that’s definitely possible using our Advanced Filtering Extension, included in our Core + Extensions or All Access licenses. You can have administrators able to view and edit all entries, and then non-admins only able to view and (optionally) edit entries they created.

Here are some articles documenting how it works:

As for displaying the “newest form submission”, that’s also possible using our ​[gventry] shortcode.

One of its possibilities is to show the most recent entry in a View. So, you can use this shortcode to display that entry data and right below a link to see the full list of entries (the complete View).

Hope this can clarify a bit!

If you have any further questions, please let us know. Thanks!


Thanks a lot! I had no idea about gravity view. This would solve my question!