Customer login / view order history

Maybe this feature exists already.

My client needs the following capability for their site:

  • 10 products with variations (size)
  • “Cart” style UX but no prices.
  • No payment. Customer just places order and payment is handled directly.
  • Customer and client get email notifications and receipts.

(Easy so far)

  • Customer may login to view past orders. (Not sure how to do this).

So, essentially a registration to the site has to exist during or prior to the order being placed, GF needs to attach that order to the customer, then replicate the form entry confirmation as a list on the user’s account page.

Anybody have experience with what I’m suggesting or need more info to help iron it out?
I’m also trying woocommerce but it requires removing all the price information from the plugin. I’m afraid those changes won’t stick during updates.

Hey @ketchup,

If you can not display pricing the following might work (with a little dressing up).

Using a multipage form:

Page 1: Display your product options, using HTML field if you need to show images and descriptions, and dropdown fields for variation selection.

Page 2: Collect customer info, and create user account. For the user registration you will need to use the User Registration add-on, but you can setup a basic membership site.

Page 3: “Cart” page, using something like this from GravityWiz, to preview the entries before submission might work like a cart/checkout.

Because this is multipage (which is required for the preview submissions to work) the customer can always go back and change their product selection.

You can create multiple notifications so that your client and the customer get the emails once the form is submitted. You can also create additional notifications that can be sent manually from the entries detail page, if your client wants to send an email “receipt” once they collect payment.

Customer logging in to see past orders. We covered the user registration bit on page 2, but with Gravity View or Conductor you can display entries in a WordPress page.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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