Complex WooCommerce Registration Page

We need help in determining the best way to create a custom registration page for an event using WooCommerce + Gravity Forms.

First, we are looking to do is create a registration page hosted on our website that will not have any of our website’s branding. This can be accomplished with Elementor Pro, but the question I have is: Can we create product(s) in WooCommerce + Gravity Forms and embed them on a separate page? The problem with using the “Product” page is that it keeps the “perms link” from our site with the associated branding. In other words, instead of the link being it should be

Second, we need a way of offering separate product options. Anyone can get up to 2 complimentary tickets with a $250 refundable deposit per ticket. Additional tickets cost $399/each. What is the ideal way to accomplish this? Is there a way to auto-calculate the number of tickets they got and tie it to the number of registrants they can have to fill out information for in the “form” section that will follow?

Hope this makes sense. We could really use direction/advice.

Gravity Forms doesn’t provide any built-in integration or support for WooCommerce. So it doesn’t provide any feature to replace WooCommerce product pages or the add to cart and checkout features of WooCommerce.

If you want to stick to WooCommerce to sell your products, I would recommend you to hire someone to customize your WooCommerce installation and templates to fit your needs.

On the other hand, if you just want your users to pay for registrations using a form. You can do that with Gravity Forms as a standalone solution, there are multiple add-ons you can use to integration payment gateways in a form, so you don’t need WooCommerce to charge users submitting the form.

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