Registered users to view form submissions

I use gravity forms for users to upload files to send direct to us.
I had a user (registered) asked if they could view their submitted forms via our website.

Is this possible to somehow list user submitted forms on the front end or though woocommerce “my account”

I pulled together this shortcode for use on a site in which I needed to list entries in various ways. It’s limited, but might get the job done for you. For something more robust, GravityView is the most established solution.

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I gave the shortcode ago, but it didn’t work for me. (unless there’s parameters i need to change?)

I uploaded the PHP to my snippets,
shortcode looks like [gravityget form=“2” user=“current” type=“submitted”]

otherwise i’ll probably look at the gravity view plugin.

I’m not sure if shortcodes in WP work with formatted quote marks – at least here, it appear your might be formatted. You could try removing the quote marks completely from the shortcode.

Otherwise, yes, go with GravityView – a great solution with solid support.

Oh yes, i got it working!
great little snippet.

Would there be a way to show field-ids in the table. would that be hard to implement in the code?