Request for a demo feedback - re new plugin "Multi-Form Sticky Field Sharing"

Thank you for reading my post !

TLDR; Trying to effectively demo a very narrow use case of new plugin

My new “Shared Fields” plugin provides the following solutions:

  1. A “subscriber” user (WP logged in) must fill out a multi-page form, which then “unlocks” links to more Pages of forms, all which link back to a “gateway” page.

  2. On the gateway page, based on detection of all forms being filled out, the page’s form then makes visible a “Publish” button, which takes them to a final page to confirm and publish a PDF of all their entry responses rendered in a custom format.

  3. At any time, on any page, the user may log out, then return - even possibly using a different device - then login again, and find that all their progress was preserved, and is pre-populated in all the form fields they already filled out.

So I’ve created two demos of a very simple usage of these capabilities, and additionally a simple app script to create a “demo user” and log the visitor into that new account (since that is required to use the new features, I could think of no other solution).

The two demos I have made so far, are:

  1. “Unit Test” multi-page form of all the fields, and some merge tag usage.
  2. “Dinner Planner” app that lets you build a dinner menu via multiple pages and forms.

I am seeking some feedback from any kind volunteers out there, before I post and publish the docs and code.

FYI, the readme doc is here:

Thank you for your time and consideration :slight_smile:

(If you wish to give me a hand here, please just send me a direct message, thanks!)