How can I accomplish this multi-page form template? Dev needed? [RESOLVED]

I want to create a multi-page form (5 pages in total) with two columns on each page, a bit of copy in each column the the form fields in the bottom right column. All above the fold.

In order to advance to the next page, you answer the question at the bottom.

I am able to create a one column version of this page with an HTML Block above and the Radio Button Block below.

And I can create two columns of text with the HTML Block, but the Radio Button Block sits below those two columns.

Any guidance on how I can achieve the mockup here:

If this was just a single page form, it would be easy for me to create my page and embed the form wherever I want it. But because it’s a multi-page, I’m not sure how to customize the display of those pages.

Any advice for me? Even a helpful description that I can bring to a developer if I need one.



Hi Dan !

That’s a most interesting use case you have, somewhat similar to one I recently solved (had to write some code to do it tho), but perhaps not directly comparable…

Question: Does your case include requiring that the user be logged in to a WP account to fill out the forms ? If not, my solution won’t directly work.

Otherwise, hopefully there is an answer for your case by using more conventional means. Perhaps like using separate forms for each page, and passing the entry values on the query strings, populating those in hidden fields on the next form, etc. Maybe using sticky fields and clever rule setting for visibility control with all the questions being present in one form which is displayed on each page - I’ve played around with this before to success.


Thank you for taking the time to respond and share your experience.

No, this does not require the user to be logged in. This is multi-page form for collecting info on business prospects. They answer a few questions about their business and submit their email on the last page.

What do you think the best way to approach this is?

For the similar use-case you solved, was that for restructuring the GF page layout?

Thanks again,


Hi again Dan,

I’m not sure what you mean by restructuring GF page layouts, but I have described in more detail my own use-case solved with the new plugin, you can read about it here and at the github readme link found in my post:

But I have been giving your project some thought, and since no one yet has offered a “quick fix” solution, I’ll type out my thoughts on what I see as your options…

  1. The query-string passing of form data to next form idea I originally mentioned - this might be a dead end, I can’t really say as I only skimmed over the docs on that, but since no one has chimed in on this approach, it’s prolly a non-starter.

  2. Dirty trick, but quick: a) Put a single form on each page, and have the submit event goto the next page with its form, with the sent email going to you. b) Include in the sent email the user’s IP so you can reconcile it with the other emails. c) The last page would email you their address, and of course display the “we’ll get back to ya” message.

  3. Custom code (see below)

Your main barrier I see is the following: 1) The “multi-pages” form feature isn’t really a series of GF “Pages” per se, but just a revision of the original Page (which I’m sure you are well aware at this point), as it’s not designed to function as you need. 2) The method of using separate forms (as my “dirty trick” describes) fails to retain previous entry data for the final submission.

If you were to tryout my two demos, you’d see that essentially the “shared fields” plugin does readily solve this, as all the entered data is accessible to all pages and all forms (it’s stored in the user’s meta data table). I can see now that should I tackle any enhancements to that module, I would add support for storing their entry data into their sessions cookies, so they don’t need to be logged it at all. I would first need to do a POC (proof of concept) to confirm this would work as I’m thinking.

The other possible quick fix for you could be to automatically create the visitor a “temp account” and log them it, then the Shared Fields plugin will solve your use-case. I did a version of this for my demo, only I didn’t pursue hiding the account creation event from the user - so I’m just guessing at this point it can be done “behind the scenes” sort of way so the user isn’t aware of this happening. Note, I did put into the little “create/login user account” app a check for any old temp users to remove, so as to not fill up the data base :slight_smile:

Hope this helps - just DM me if you wish to check out my demos for access info.



Thanks again for your guidance here.

Ultimately I was able to find a plugin that allowed me to create columns for multi-page forms, and I was able to achieve the layout this way.

Not a bad solution!

Have a great day, and again, I appreciate your willingness to help with my challenge.

Kind regards,


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