Using submitted values from 1 form in a 2nd form

The short is I am creating a registration form, using User Registration Add-on, but before the account get created the user should make a payment <- this being where my issues start. I read the PayPal addon can do exactly this, however I need to use my local currency for this, which is not supported by PayPal, thus PayPal is out.

A local payment gateway have created their own addon for Gravity Forms, which I have installed and working. But this plugin does not prevent the user account from getting created prior to the successful notification for the payment.

What I am now trying to do is, have a main form (asking the user name, email etc as needed for the payment along with the “product” they are registering for), and on submit, they will redirect to the payment gateway to complete the payment. When successful payment was made, they will arrive at a 2nd form, which allows them to set a password (and possible other fields), which will be used to create their account. This 2nd form should have a few hidden values for the name, email and similar details which was already asked on the first form (asking them a 2nd time for this, seems pointless).

Another question, how can 'n split a multi-page form (which typically works on a single page), so that each of its pages are shown on different WordPress pages. The “product” is an interactive set of pages (containing videos, questions, quizzes etc) in the form of a treasure hunt (for example there are optional paths a viewer can view, with videos showing that path and engaging the viewer and then after each section there is a few questions in the quiz, which can affect the next page to load). Having a separate form for each page is doable, but not ideal (at the end we would like to have a single entry for each person). Having a single multi-page form, which spans multiple pages would be ideal in this case.

Any ideas on how I can achieve these above options?

That seems like a good plan. Which parts of it do you need help with?

As for the multi-page form on individual WordPress pages, Gravity Forms won’t work like that. All the virtual pages of a multi-page Gravity Forms form will be on the same WordPress page. You could use individual forms on separate pages, as you described. You would end up with entries for all the early forms, but the only final entry from the last page would be important, since it would have all the information (you can populate fields in a form using this method: How to Chain Forms Using Shortcodes - Gravity Forms Documentation or this Dynamically Populating a Field - Gravity Forms Documentation

If you need more help thinking this through, please let us know.

Thank you for the reply, the chaining was what I could not figure out, even with multiple Google searches.

Using the same method, but using redirects (to the next page, using conditionals) for the confirmations (and then passing the information on using query string) it may work. I am just a bit concerned as for some of the quizzes the viewer may enter long details (may exceed query string limits). Another option could be assigning each user a Unique ID (this should be different on each start - a user might start multiple times, and it will be good to keep them separate) that is passed on to each form - allowing us to identify the different starts.

Alternatively being able to save submitted details in session data, and then recall that in the final form, will be very good. How would I do that (ideally I want a simple plug and play solution that does not cost a lot of money [GravityWiz’ GravityPerks are outside of my budget], but if I need to code a custom plugin for this I can).

I’m not sure if any custom solution would be cheaper than this one, which works exceedingly well: