A Form with Two Submissions?


I am currently trying to figure out a two step form that submits, but then offers a second form to fill out more information that can be added to the same submission.

First form:

  • Need following fields (required)
    • Inquiry type
    • Email
    • Organization type (please add as dropdown menu)
    • Message (optional)
  • Submit button

Once submitted brings you to a second part of that form:

  • Need following fields (Optional fields)
    • Name (First name, last name)
    • Title (open field)
    • Role (as dropdown menu)
  • Submit button

Any thoughts/work arounds? Having two forms wont work because it wont necessarily connect properly with the second submission.

Thanks everyone :blush:

Hello. I think you have a couple options.

  1. Create two forms, and pass the data from form 1 to form 2. You can use this method to do that: Populating a Form Based On Another Submission | Gravity Forms

You will have a submission in form one which contains the email address, so you can get back to them if they do not complete form 2. If they complete form 2, you won’t need the entry from form 1, because all the information from both forms will be in the entry in form 2.

There are other ways to pass data from one form to another, but this would be the general approach, no matter which solution you select to actually pass the data.

  1. You can use a multi-page form, and our Partial Entries add-on. It’s available with an Elite license: Capture Partial Entries on your WordPress Forms | Gravity Forms

That will capture the information from page 1 of the form when they go to page two. If they abandon the form at that point, you will have a 50% completed entry (from the information submitted on page 1.) If they complete the submission on page 2, you will have one complete entry for this form (rather than some information from form 1, and all information from form 2, when using option 1 above.)

For this statement “Having two forms wont work because it wont necessarily connect properly with the second submission.” what do you mean exactly?

Root3 Marketing, Are you simply asking how to divide a form into two pages? It doesn’t really make sense to separate those out into two separate forms at all.

If you put a divider between the “Message (optional)” field and the “Name” field, Gravity Forms will automatically put a button at the bottom of the first section titled “Next”, which will take the user to the next page for the rest of the fields.

Is that what you’re looking for?