Combine 2 field together from 2 seperate form

i have 2 form (separate from each other) in gravity form.
i want:
if user put a number in field 1 in form 1 and submit it, the field 1 in form 2 become same thing.
how should i do that?

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Is the goal that the form 2 submission happen directly following the submission of form 1?
If so - the use of the Confirmation Redirect and querystrings would be where you’d want to focus.

If it may be at a later point or triggered in a different way, the Gravity Flow Form Connector extension has a couple different ways that you could tackle.

  • Form Submission step type lets you do field mapping and assign the form 2 submission to a specific email field, user or WP role and still use the front-end form page of your choice.
  • Create An Entry Step could map the value and then a User Input step to have the assignee complete the remaining values without being able to modify the Field 1 value (making it display only)
  • If Form 1 and Form 2 have both been submitted, the Update An Entry (or Update Fields) step type could automate the update of the Field 1 value between the 2 entries.