Multible Form with extra Submit (Send) Button on the first section on Form

Hey There,
I would like to include a multible form that is divided into 4 steps. So far so good.
But now I want to be able to abbreviate the form after the first section with a submitt ( send) button. So I want to be able to skip the last 3 steps. Since these are supposed to be optional.
Is there a direct solution for this or does anyone have a diversion?
Thanks for your time and help!

Hi Thomas. To accomplish something like this, I recommend having two forms: a single-page form first, then a three-page form next. Redirect to the longer form in the Confirmation settings of the first form. To pass data from the first single-page form to the longer form, you can use this method in the confirmation redirect:

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you for your quick support. This is very cool…but unfortunately not exactly what I am looking for.

If I could now add a second button to the confirmations it would be perfect.

Then I could confirm the sending of the name etc pp at the first confirmation.
or if the user wants to go the long way with redirect to the 2nd form in which with your method the data is passed.

Is there a solution ?
Thank you

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