"Submit and Add Another" and "Submit and Finish" Buttons

Hello, I’m building forms that are designed to capture parent and an unknown number of children’s data. The parent fills out their info and the “Submit and Continue” button sends data to Salesforce and directs them to another form with some prefilled info. There they will add info for one child and select “Submit and Add Another”, which will submit to SF and reload the page with the same prefilled info. On the last child they will select “Submit and Finish”, which will submit to SF and direct them to a completion page.

I’ve seen that there is no way to do two submit buttons. Is there another way to go about this? The critical element is to be able to Create/Update multiple Contact records in Salesforce.


Hi Marco,

This seems like a good use case for Gravity Forms Nested Forms | Gravity Forms Repeater Add-on | Gravity Wiz, A Gravity Forms Repeater Addon for simple or more complex forms.

The Parent form submission will send the data to salesforce, the Child form submission lets you add an n number of additional entries.

I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


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Along with the options which @dario suggested, there are two patterns that Gravity Flow provides which would be worth considering - both of which would leverage the Outgoing Webhook Step to pass your data to Salesforce.

  • Parent/Child Extension - Lets you setup a relationship between two forms and then the child form can be submit N times. Since each form can have its own workflow they would be able to create/update in Salesforce separately. Our doc page for setup shows how you can use merge tags to have the child forms submit by a separate page yet associated to the parent.

  • For your goal of Submit & Continue vs Submit & Add Another, you could use a single form with a radio button field to ask ‘Do you want to add another?’ as Yes/No. Through the use of the Form Connector Extension you can create an Update Fields step type to update field values of the current entry with values from another entry or with custom values. When combined with conditional logic you could create a loop of outgoing webhook step, update fields (set child values and radio button back to blank) and return to user input step to ask for next child details. From user perspective, hitting submit would bring them back to the “same” form for next child details.

In case your Salesforce tasks are not ones that would be completed within the time of a single API request/response scenario, you could also look at the Incoming Webhook extension to let Salesforce notify your site when the workflow is ready to continue asyncronously.


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