Add Entry Text displaying on Save and Continue button

I have a nested form which allows me to submit multiple forms at once. I have added Save and Continue to this. However the Save and Continue button displays with the text “Add Entry” which is very confusing as there is already an Add Entry button. See attached image.
When I click on this button, it brings up the popup to allow the user to add their email address but nothing happens when the Save and Continue (Add Entry) button is clicked. A spinning circle just loops on the button.

The form works correctly when it is not nested. Is there a fix for this in a Nested Form?

Hi Declan,

Child forms that are loaded via a Nested Forms field are not compatible with Save and Continue functionality. However, Save and Continue is fully supported on parent forms, so when used on a parent form, Save and Continue will save and reload all child entries that were submitted in a Nested form field. The solution to the issue you’re having will be to remove the save and continue setup on the Child form and set it up on the parent form.


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Perfect, I will try that. Thanks Samuel.

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