Submitted forms not appearing [RESOLVED]

I’ve created three new forms. As far as I know, the forms themselves are good. I’m having two (related?) problems with not getting the completed forms.

When I test them out and fill them out myself, none of the forms is being emailed to me. (That’s problem number 2.)

Problem number one is that two of the forms don’t even show up in “entries.” Those are both the shorter (1 page) forms.

If I hit the “submit” button, it says they are submitted, but they are not.

The six-page form will show up in entries, but it is not being emailed to me.

The two shorter forms aren’t showing up in “entries,” either.

I have tried to find FAQs or instructions to troubleshoot this, but no luck. Thanks for any help!

This is a good instance where you should open a support ticket. Thank you:

Hello, I am experiencing this same issue. Have you found a solution??

Hi David. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue:

I think I have solved it. I am asking friends to fill out the forms to make sure it is working. I can’t remember now everything I did because there was more than one problem. One was that the email address was wrong for notifications which was weird because my other website notifications get to me. And there was something else sort of along those lines but I don’t remember now what it was. I fiddled with a lot of things. I did read various FAQs about notification issues and those helped me with what to track down.

If you need any more help, please let us know.

David, this is the page I found most useful to work on this issue:

Chris, yes, I’m just waiting to see if it is solved once I have someone else test everything. I’ll let you know if it is!

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Thank you!

I found out that Akismet was causing the issue :slight_smile:

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It is solved! Case closed :slight_smile:

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