Support really sucks :(

I have customers submitting my form but for some reason Im not seeing any entries. I opened a ticket for support and got an automated of instructions for enabling logging. I did all of that and no one has responded to me. My whole business have slowed down today because of this. I love gravity forms and have been using it for a while and wouldn’t trade it for any other form. Please someone help.

A support ticket is the best way to get help. The logging is key, because it will show what is happening with each submission. If you replied after enabling logging and testing the form, I’m sure you will receive a reply. If you would like to share the ticket number I can check into it for you.

That would be great. Here’s the ticket number #280922

Hi Jean. I found your ticket. Karl sent the instructions for logging and testing the form, but we don’t have any reply from you after that. Just your latest message "Any update? My business is slowing down because of this. "

We’re waiting to hear from you with the System Report after enabling logging and testing the form. Please have a look at Karl’s email from yesterday and follow the instructions to test your form with logging, and then send us the results. We are happy to look into it, but we need more information from you.

If we are missing a reply of yours, please let us know.

I did but i just sent it again to karl

There’s nothing attached to the ticket yet. Are you just replying to that email, or did you send email directly to Karl? If you sent it to Karl, it would not show up on the ticket, and no one else will be able to help you. It’s after normal support hours now, but if you reply to the ticket, some of my colleagues in other times zones will be able to help you sooner than our official support hours tomorrow. Thank you.

I sent it directly to Karl and still no response.

The best course of action is to reply to your ticket. Can you do that now or should I send our reply again so you have it to respond to?

I replied again. Can you get me somebody else. Its been 4 days and still no response from Karl.

Hi Jean. Can you email the requested information to There is nothing attached to the ticket, and Karl does not have any information, so if you email it to me I can attach it for you.

I just sent to you. Please confirm upon receipt.

I checked my email a couple hours ago and I don’t have your message. Please use my personal email address - maybe our corporate email is blocking you:

Hi Jean. Your messages are definitely being flagged as spam. Your message to my personal email was marked as spam as well:

I’ll respond to you later this morning (it’s around 7am here). Thank you.

Hi Chris,
Any update?

Hi Jean. I replied to your email from my personal email. Can you confirm receipt?

Hi Chris,
I received your. i just re enabled system logging. Please advise.