Unable to Enter Support Ticket [RESOLVED]

I am trying to enter a Support Ticket and the form is complaining about the System Report that I am entering. I copied it as required and I am at a loss as to the next steps.
Anyone have any comment? Thanks. Richard

Hi Richard. Sorry about that. Please contact us here:

Select “Other” in the drop down, and you’ll be able to submit the form without a system report or even having to log in. Let us know what’s up. Thank you.

Chris, Thanks. I cannot see an ‘Other’ option on the Support Page first drop-down. Are you suggesting another page for me to enter the information? Please let me know. Richard

Use the link to the contact form I posted. The last option is “Other”.

Not the support form, the contact form:

So sorry … I saw the ‘pop up box’ and thought is was an advertisement for Gravity Forms rather than where you were directing me to! Duh :slight_smile:
I have done as suggested just now.
Again … thanks for looking out for us.

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