Form submissions not showing from site

Form submissions from preview create new entries. Form submissions from website/page do not do anything. No entry on the form, no notification email. Not much on the internet about this.

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Jason Carrigan

Well this is even stranger. The data submitted to the form online is showing as available data in zapier. How is the data available there but not showing on the entries list for that form?

I also learned that submitting a form from the website page does not trigger the zapier integration.

This is all new to me. Where is the official support for Gravity forms? I need assistance!

Help me please. :slight_smile:

I have created a new page on the site and the form entries are surfacing from submissions there.
But the zap triggers are still not firing off.

I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue:

Be sure you have enabled logging and tested the form with logging enabled, and then include a system report with your ticket.

Thank you.

Thank you for that. I definitely missed that. I think the issue is now only that the form submissions dont trigger the zapier zap/tasks that use the gravity forms integration. I have opened a support ticket. I suspect its something in the WP server environment or the site config itself.

For assistance with Zapier issues, I recommend opening a support ticket:

Thank you.

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