Not receiving form notification emails [RESOLVED]

Hi all I’m hoping someone can offer some advice.

I’m handling a website for a friend. Gravityforms always worked on it previously, and now after migrating the site to c-panel with GoDaddy, it does not. The form itself is fine, and it shows entries on the back end of the WP part of the site, and it says WP successfully passed the entry to the email sending server. But we do not receive them.

I’ve called GoDaddy 3x. They’ve tested everything server side and say form mail is working. When sending from their test site, we receive the emails, however through the contact form we do not.

They are insistent that the issue lies within GF and I cant find a problem.

Has anyone experienced this or can anyone offer any advice?

Thanks in advance.

Hi James,

Since you transferred the website from one host to another, I’m guessing there might be an issue with the Gravity Forms Notification settings. Check if the value entered in the “From Email” field of the Notification setting is using an Emai Address within the current domain. You may want to try entering the {admin_email} merge tag, as the From Email, to see if that works for you.

Also, you can check the Sending Result Notes within the Entry page to confirm if this is an issue with Gravity Forms or Godaddy. Here is a Gravity Forms Documentation on Troubleshooting Notifications with additional information, that could help you resolve this issue.

I hope this helps.

Hi Samuel

TY for your reply. I’ve checked everything and it is set as below, and the entry clearly says that WordPress has successfully passed the notification email to the sending server. I’m almost sure its a GoDaddy issue but they swear it isn’t, and now I’m stuck. when testing with their geoff.php the form mail sends and we receive it, but this… nothing.

Hi James. If the notification was handed over the mail server successfully, then the issue is not with Gravity Forms. I recommend reaching out to the host to see if they have any mailer logs that can explain what happens with the message once it is handed over to the mail server from WordPress.

Or, you can work around any host mailing issues by using one of our three mailing add-ons, available with any Gravity Forms license:

Its fixed!! After them telling me it had nothing to do with them at all, it was the email security, banning all the emails. A few simple rules in the spam filter sorted the whole thing.

Thank you so much for all the advice !!!