Inconsistent Admin Notification Delivery


We’re having issues receiving admin notifications.

We’ve set up a form on a test/build site, which the client has received admin notifications from. However, when we re-create the form on the live site with the same settings, the client doesn’t receive the notifications.

If someone can assist and give insight as to why the client is receiving notifications from one domain and not the other, and what we can do to troubleshoot, that would be great.

Mr Doowah

Hello. Please see our troubleshooting documentation for notifications here:

The most helpful thing to start with will be to enable logging, test the form, and review the log to find out what WordPress is doing with those notifications that are not being delivered.

double-plus what Chris said, but also: install an email log plugin (there’s a few free ones) so that you can see what emails are being sent, and importantly, who the From address claims to be. Then verify that the sender’s domain permits email sent from that website (SPF).

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